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Happy Halloween! Spooky? Mysterious? Time to explore things that go bump in the night? Play?
Seth Godin defines Halloween as Secular Christmas + Creativity, and launched a special site — Squidboo! — with pages that include Hairspray Halloween Costumes, Infant Baby Snail Halloween Costume – Perfect Outfit for a Boy or Girl!, Clowns: the freakiest things on earth, Television Witches Over The Years, Bad Halloween Candy, The Best Zombie Movies Ever, and Halloween Tarot, among many more.

Here are some more Halloween features at sites around the internet:

Joost Halloween, with free, online TV offerings from The Really Terrible Film Channel, The Horror Channel, and Heavy Comedy…

Halloween science recipes over at Steven Spangler Science

Hidden Zombie Game

and Halloween Physics: Haunted Science Lab.

Finally, in case we are tempted to get just a little too out-of-hand, here’s a post on Is Halloween Ethical? Among other points made, it says: Continue reading